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July 1, 2010


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Q : What is SPICEGASM?

A : Is just my personal blog serving as a personal diary of my daily life and sharing some recipe of spicy dishes. It also serve as an Asian Travel Blog and Asian Food Blog.

Q : Who are you?

A : My name is Alex and you can read more about me HERE

Q : Are you a professional writer and photographer?

A : Go read the damn ABOUT ME section please.

Q : No wonder your pictures and writing are so bad

A : Is that a question or a remark?

Q : What benefit can we get for reading your blog?

A : None I guess, but if you have absolutely nothing else better to do and gotten bored with Farmville, then you are welcome to check out my blog. It does gives a little bit of tips on Travel around Asia.

Q : Does all the banners featured in your site pays you, i.e – Jetstar & Cebu Pacific?

A : No, I feature them without their knowledge at all. I just feature them on my site because I use their services all the time and find it useful to others.

Q : Can people pay you to feature their banner and services?

A : I rather not take their money for now as my blog is new, however if the company and services is good, I will just feature it for FREE.

Q : Will you conduct cooking lessons for a fee if you are requested to do so?

A : I don’t think I am certified to charge, but if I am available, I don’t mind doing it for FREE

Q : What is your favorite Filipino food?

A : I will have to say turon. Is one of the most creative dish in Filipino cuisine. Simple and yet tasty. I don’t think I’ve come across other South East Asian country wrapping a banana in popiah ( lumpia ) skin.

Q : Has any of your Filipino friends tried your dishes?

A : Quite a handful

Q : What was their responses?

A : They say is really good BUT I have no idea if they are being polite or is because is FREE food. I might charge them a minimum amount one day and invite them again. If they decline, I’ll close my blog and stop cooking.

Q : What’s your main goal with SPICEGASM?

A : Just trying to entertain readers and giving useful information with my Asian travel blog. Whenever people leave a comment, it motivates me to post even more.

Q : Anything else you want to say before I end this FAQ?

A : Thank you for taking the time to read my Asian travel blog and Asian food blog.

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