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July 20, 2010

Beef meat Begedel

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I am running out of spices and looking forward for my trip to Singapore very soon. Need to go back and indulge myself with some hawker food that I missed dearly. Another reason is to stock up some spices for my future trips.

With the shortage of spices, I decided to make this dish call begedel that I think I can pull it off by cutting some corners and still make it taste decent. I have no idea what begedel is call in English and I am lazy to search in the Internet. So I will just give it an English name myself. Since this is my blog, I think I am entitle to do that. I shall call it Rounded Mash Potatoes Fritters with beef meat. There you go, begedel got a new English name. ( Pronounce as Burger Dell ). Begedel is a Malay dish and I’ve eaten it in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore as well.

Here is how I made my Rounded Mash Potatoes Fritters with beef meat ( Begedel ).


  • 100 gm beef meat – minced
  • 3-4 potatoes ( depends on size ) – peel and boil till soft
  • one small red onion – chopped fine
  • pepper and salt to taste
  • one egg
  • skyflakes biscuit one small packet packet
  • some multi purpose flour


  • Pound skyflakes to make it like bread crumbs
  • Mash the boiled soft potatoes
  • Add in beef meat and mix well
  • Add chopped onion
  • Add skyflakes powder
  • Break egg to mix
  • Add salt and pepper according to taste
  • Make round shape of mixtures and press slightly to make it like coin shape
  • Cover slightly with multi purpose flour ( put multi purpose flour on a plate and roll begedel mixture on it )
  • Heat up oil and fry till golden brown
  • Best to serve with Chili Sauce

Freshly fried begedel that is still pipping hot

Attempting to take a nice picture of a cracked open begedel to show the filling inside but fail miserably.

Even without some other spices like white cumin powder and cumin powder, the Begedel still taste pretty all right with onion, beef, salt and pepper. Fried food is always safe as it is universally accepted. Also the shape of my Begedel not as nice as the ones I had in Indonesia. This is because you need to practice all the time to make the shape nice and even. But I am happy with the result once again as I am not a trained chef.

July 17, 2010

Ayam masak merah – looks like Afritada ya?

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When I was a kid, I have a lot of Malay friends. Even when I was a young boy, I am always curious to see other people’s culture. Even though we are from the same country, but our mother tongue is totally different and also the food that we consume. After all the Chinese are the migrants so this does not come as a big surprise. I was hooked to Malay food because of my Malay neighbor. This Malay lady that is my neighbor that I call “Makcik” is really a good cook. In English, Makcik would be known as Auntie.

Back in the days, life was so much simpler. You don’t need to go to nursery or attend kindergarten till you are 6 years old. Since my mom and dad goes to work, I will simply just go hang out in my neighbor’s house. Makcik is a full time housewife and she will find the time to hang out with me while doing her daily chores in between. She would play Dam Haji ( checkers ), Snake and Ladder and my personal favorite LUDO! That game made me obsessed with the number 6 and I always beat her in all the games at a very young age. ( I have the suspicion now that she purposely let me win all the games ).

So life was good especially when it comes to lunch time. I would be joining Makcik and her two kids (who are much older than me ) after they come back from school. This is where I learn how to eat with my hands and developed my love for spicy food. After lunch, it would be the turn of Makcik’s 2 sons to entertain me. We normally play caroms but my fingers were not strong enough back then. I was probably like 4 or 5 years old.

Ayam masak merah is one of my favorite dishes when cooked by Makcik. If you translate it directly, it would be Chicken Cook Red. The dish is sweet and spicy and it goes well with Nasi Minyak or Briyani. I will try to feature this two rice dish that I just mentioned in the future post. For now, let me share my version of Ayam Masak Merah.


  • Half chicken cut to bite size or slightly bigger
  • 2 cloves garlic ( crushed )
  • One onion ( sliced into half moon shape )
  • Tamarind juice ( 5 spoonful )
  • Chili paste ( made from Chili powder added with water ) – 2 spoonful added with water
  • Tomatoes
  • Tomatoes Sauce
  • half stick cinnamon
  • two star anise
  • turmeric powder
  • sugar  ( 2 spoonful ) and salt ( to your taste )
  • small cut ginger
  • 1 lime ( kalamansi )


  • marinated chicken with turmeric powder for an hour ( can add a bit of salt and pepper if you really like salty )
  • After one hour, deep fry chicken to 3/4 cook and set aside
  • heat up 5 spoonful oil ( can use the same oil that fried the chicken )
  • put in clove and star anise
  • when fragrant, add in garlic and onion
  • add in ginger
  • add in chili paste
  • add in tomatoes sauce
  • add in tamarind juice
  • add in sugar and salt
  • when gravy a slightly thick, add in the fried chicken and tomatoes
  • mixed the chicken and the gravy
  • continue till chicken is cooked
  • once cook, squeeze kalamansi juice on the dish
  • ready to serve with plain rice

Note :- If you pretty spicier, you can add chili labuyo ( bird’s eye chili )

My Filipino friends when saw this dish, they thought it was chicken afritada. But I think the taste is different but has some similarities as it is a tomatoes base cooking for the gravy after all.

This chicken dish is very popular during Malay weddings in kampung. I love going to Malay weddings as they serve really good food. Is normally server with Nasi Minyak, Nenas Pacari , Acar Timun and Beef Rendang. When my Filipino friends asked me some meaning of a certain Malay words, I got the feeling they must be watching the cartoon of Upin and Ipin from Disney channel. I like that cartoon as the stories are really like blast from the past. That’s how the culture and living in a Malay kampung back in the days are.

July 15, 2010

Invitation to press event of Ibayo

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Got another invitation to another press event of a restaurant name Ibayo. I think this restaurant is own by the same people who operates Barrio Fiesta. I am looking for this event to meet with fellow bloggers. The organizer for this event is the same people that did a good job for the opening ceremony of King Chef restaurant. If you forgot the name of the event organizer, here the website of EVENTUS KINETIX-IMC CORP.

I was informed by Abigail to invite fellow food bloggers. So if you are a food blogger, feel free to contact Abigail to confirm your attendance. The more the merrier as the saying goes. Hope to see you guys there.

King Chef Chinese restaurant Pt 2

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I finally got the pictures of the opening ceremony from the owners of King Chef Chinese Restaurant. If you read my earlier post, you know that was my first event being invited as a blogger. So it is understandable that I am making extra post for this particular restaurant. I am sure you can understand the concept of first love ;).

During the opening ceremony we were treated with Dim Sum, noodles and meat combo platter. These dishes are quite common to me and I would say it taste pretty good. I am not an expert food critic but I think I do have many experiences traveling around the world and sampling Chinese dishes. My blog is not meant to serve as a food critic authority but is simply to point  MY views only. What is good to me might not be good to you and vice versa.

I’m sure food lovers all over Manila are quite familiar with Dim Sum now and King Chef in my humble opinion has more than Dim Sum to offer judging from the menu. I’ve yet to try those more sophisticated dishes like “Buddha Jump Over The Fence Soup”. This funny name for a Chinese dish is like the king of all Chinese dishes. It is very expensive due to the ingredients used and also the process of cooking this soup takes long hours. I’ve yet to see other Chinese restaurant like Hap Chan or David Tea House serving this dish. Maybe the targeted market is different as this dish is not that mainstream. I believe King Chef has the goal of trying to be a Chinese restaurant to really serve authentic Chinese food.

So in order for me to really give my verdict, I need to go have a 10 course meal to really give my opinion on the King Chef. For now I can only provide you with some general info about the restaurant based on the food I was served during the opening ceremony. The restaurant is spacious and do have a very chic setting. The furniture is modern and does not really go to the extend of using Chinese furniture design which is sometimes overkill in a Chinese restaurant.

Currently King Chef has some sort of happy hours daily for their Dim Sum. All Dim Sum will be sold at PHP48 during 2pm-5pm and 9pm-12am daily. Is really a great price if you into mirienda or enjoys supper. I’ve always have this attitude of eating only local delicacies whenever I am traveling. Chinese food is not on my agenda when I come to the Philippines as it is not predominantly a Chinese country like Hong Kong or Singapore. I guess this mind set need to be change and I have to be more open as I am a food blogger now :D.

Here are some awesome pictures during the event.

Lion dance troupe to make the event merrier

Dragon dance troupe was invited to make sure the restaurant will be “ONG

The organizer from EVENTUS KINETIX-IMC CORP, Abigail and Shirlybeth

Cutting the ribbon by owners and friends

It was really a nice occasion and I enjoyed the ceremony very much. I wish the owners of King Chef all the best and continue to make good food and good fortune will follow.


July 14, 2010

Another typhoon hit Luzon area

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I was chatting with a friend online yesterday and suddenly the power went off. It was probably around 12.30 am ( GMT +8 ). The day started off with light drizzle and as soon as the power went off, strong wind and heavy rain soon started to follow. The wind was really strong and I could hear the sound of trees and awning making funky noises. It was total darkness and I am completely lost without electricity. Luckily I had some candles and I just lit it up. The noises made by the strong wind made me stay awake and I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid that this typhoon would be as bad as Ondoy. Since I couldn’t sleep, I just read a book with the help of candle lights. My cellphone ran out of battery and I just couldn’t call anyone.

After almost 24 hours of no electricity, suddenly my fluorescent light went on and I almost jumped for joy. My first instinct was to check the net to see how bad the typhoon was and did it cause havoc to the people of Luzon. My worries were confirmed as typhoon Basyang did claim some lives. My condolences to the families of the deceased. The news just made me to be a better person in a way. Living without electricity for 24 hours is not bad at all compared to those innocent people whose life was taken. May you all rest in peace.

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