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July 25, 2010

The Dutch made cycling look so cool

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While I was in Italy, I went to visit a friend in Amsterdam. Since I am already in Europe, why not take the opportunity to visit another EU country. There are quite a number of budget airlines in Europe. Tickets are really affordable if you happen to buy at a certain time. Even though last minute purchase are not that bad. I think if I can remember it correctly, it cost me $80 to fly to Amsterdam direct. I forgot which airlines I used and I will make sure in the future I will make a note about all this. This will make visiting my blog a little more worth while if I can provide useful information. So for now, just bear with my nonsense ramblings.

Bicycles parked near the canal

Most of us always have an image of a country we haven’t visited in our head. In my case, take Amsterdam for example. In my head is all about wooden clogs, tulips and windmill. These images are partly contributed from some pictures on a calender eons away as a kid. So whenever I touched down in the airport of a country that I am visiting the first time, I am always very excited to step out from the airport. Most of the time, my mental images always represent a really small part of the countries. Pictures or tv programs can only contribute as much, but being there real life is the best way to see the country.

Cycling around the city is common

I enjoyed my trip in Amsterdam as the people are pretty friendly and helpful. Almost everybody speaks in English and asking for directions is not a problem at all. Walking around Amsterdam city is fun for me as the weather was cool and the scene is new to me. It makes me more observant of my surroundings and it made me think, we always take for granted in the place that we are accustomed to.

Jason was not as excited as I am while walking the streets of Amsterdam as he sees it everyday. In fact he kept asking me about Asia and think is really nice that Asian weather is always sunny and hot. I just smile in my mind as I heard many of my Filipino friends always complain how MAINIT ( hot ) is the weather when summer hits Pinas.

Even the young and the hip cycles too and the man that is balding is hip too

One thing that I found really awesome is that the Dutch made cycling on an old bike look so cool. When I was a kid, a family friend of ours works in a grocery store and he has this old black bike where he used it to deliver stuff. The thought of cycling that bike to school instead of my BMX kinda frightens me. But in Amsterdam, people dressed in suit are cycling all these bikes. So many pretty Dutch girls were cycling this bikes too while dressed up very stylishly.

As for food, I am very happy with Amsterdam as there are so many choices. They have good Indonesian restaurant as Indonesia was part of the Dutch colonies long time ago. So you can see many authentic Indonesian restaurant. Another restaurant that I love is Cafe De Klos. Is a kind of pub and restaurant serving great food. It is always packed and the menu is printed on the waiters’ tee shirts. I find that very cool and refreshing. I ordered the pork ribs and it tasted really good. It is not dry and even they serve it without any gravy, it tasted very good. For once I don’t need my BBQ meat with the help of Maggi Chili Sauce. It just never occurred to me to take pictures of the menu on the waiter’s t-shirt and my meal. Next time, next time…I promise.

Here are some pictures that I took when I was in Amsterdam. As usual, I have no idea what made me take all these pictures but I think is cool to let these pictures be seen rather than rotting in my hard drive.

An expensive hotel which I did not stay at, just took this picture cause the building looks pretty nice

My tiny hotel room that cost me 80 EUR a night. Of course with that price you get a really nice hotel in Asia. But I like the room as I always drink my coffee and smoke near the window.

Hope to live in one of this boathouse one day

Enjoying coffee by the canal with your friends, simple but really cool activity

Nice restaurant by the canal

People crossing the bridge in one of the canal. There are a lot of bridges that looks the same and always very confusing to me.

The famous wax museum that I did not enter. Looking at famous personalities made of wax wasn’t my cup of tea.

Father and son on a really cool bike passing by the entrance of Madame Tussaud.

Another mode of transportation, the tram.

Dutch version of tricycle

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