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May 17, 2010

What I like the most about Philippines

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I am just trying to make more post to fill up my blog. I apologize if this appear to be like I am just trying to talk a lot about myself when there is nothing really interesting about me. So I hope you have to bear with me for being an attention seeking whore for a while. When I get my camera fixed, I will get back to posting more of food recipe. In the meantime, allow me to fill up my blog with more posts.

The thing that I really adore about the Filipino are the musicians. I think everybody in the world have some sort of encounter with Filipino musicians. They are everywhere performing in hotels and clubs. They are really good in doing covers and sound almost the same like the original. They might sound like James Ingram when they sing Just Once but when you talk to them, they might sound different from their singing.

After living few years in the Philippines, I was exposed to many OPM ( Original Philippines Music ) and I loved it a lot. I would say many songs that are English or Tagalog is superior in quality. I have the privileged of being good friends with popular musicians in the Philippines namely the group South Border and Freestyle. Though them I learned more about OPM and I became more observant about the music industry.

I am really and happy when I read the news of Arnel Pineda joining the group Journey as the front man. I’ve seen him performing in the Asian club circuit before joining Journey. He would cover the song “Faithfully” and it sounded exactly like Steve Perry. In my mind I couldn’t help thinking about what he feels about being the real deal now. He must be a big fan of Journey and for years he has been covering their songs and now when he sings it, it is not cover anymore. He is Journey now!!!! Even though I am not a Filipino, I can feel the pride like a Pinoy.

Another artist that I really love is Charice Pempengco. I came to know about this petite singer when my brother sent me a link of her Youtube video when she performed at Star King Show. I was blown away by her singing prowess and from then on, I became a fan. So when she was invited to Ellen and Oprah, I was so happy for her and I can sense that greatness will definitely follow this girl. When the hitmaker David Foster took her under his wings, Charice is destine to be a Diva. She is the only singer that EVER made me cry just by listening to her and watching her videos. I know is a bit gay but I am not ashamed to state the truth. I am not normally stat struck but with Charice, I think I would be. ( My friends are gonna have a field day teasing me if they read this ). I would like to congratulate Charice for her debut album that was just release few days ago. Here is a music video of her hit song with Iyaz – Pyramid. I believe this video will spice up your life too.

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