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November 30, 2012

Get the Right Villa Rental for Your Bali Vacation

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Though Bali is spread over an area of merely 4500 miles, it hosts some of the most luxurious villas of the world. Bali provides such a lingering experience to its visitors that they return again to spend their holidays here and thus are fully known where to look for good deals. However, if you are visiting this island for the first time, it may be quite difficult and consequently discouraging to find a suitable accommodation for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much. We are certainly here to help you.

The rental villas situated in Seminyak are the most popular among the local community in Bali. Seminyak is a beach town with multicultural community and thus provides accommodations suitable for almost everyone. You should remember that rentals in Bali are often booked in advance, and if you don’t find any appropriate villa for the first time, don’t be disheartened. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that sometimes certain villas provide common swimming pools and courtyards, so if you are looking for some private moments these type of villas may not be suitable for you. At BaliVillaRent we only offer villa accommodations that have their own private swimming pool.

If you don’t want to rent an entire villa, there are a large number of hotels in Bali with different rates. The cheap accommodations provided by these hotels range from about $35 for standard double room without any luxuries. The medium-range accommodations provided by these hotels charge around $75 to $100 and do provide some security and comfort. However, if you want to feel the comforts of your home while still staying in a hotel, you have to pay at least $150. While deciding to stay in any such hotel, whether low ends or five stars, you should keep in mind that these hotels and private villas don’t always provide comprehensive deals and charge extra for various luxurious services like spa treatments, food and beverages and personal tours arranged. Bali is also well-known for its delicious local and western food dishes. Especially in the popular area of Seminyak Eat Street, visitors can dine at the finest restaurants the island has to offer.

If you are not familiar with Bali and find it difficult to get a rental accommodation, you can take the services of a travel agent who will provide you all the information and help you get accommodation suitable to you. These travel agents are local people and have all the information, including the availability and services provided in the particular villas. However, they do charge for their services.

As an alternative to a travel agent, you can gather various information regarding holiday accommodations from travel blogs and magazines regarding particular destination. The first hand experiences of the tourists can help you decide the quality of services offered by these villas and hotels. However, you should be careful and distinguish the fake testimonials as many resorts also indulge in sales promotion by hiring people to give them a good rating.
Above all, you should choose a Bali villa that is suitable to your budget and provides almost all the facilities and services that you desire for your vacation. You can compromise on a few other things, but it is very important that when you or your family returns after getting exhausted from a day of sightseeing, your villa rental should provide a good relaxing of your body and mind.

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  1. rental aruba says:

    Absolutely agree! We’ve stayed in different communities, different sizes of home, with extended family or just by ourselves…and it’s always great!

  2. Villa says:

    villa gives more privacy than traditional hotels

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