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December 16, 2011

La Cerise guest house in Soi Lengke Pattaya

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I had to come to Pattaya to meet up with my programmer friend to complete my Asian Food Social Network site. He suggested that I stay in a new guest house in Soi Lengke. I am not so picky when it comes to accommodation. As long there’s free Internet access and clean, I am all good.

I thought I would make a review of the guest house that I stayed for more than 2 weeks. The name of the hotel is Le Cerise and the owner is from France. La Cerise is pretty cool in my opinion as it’s a restaurant and a guest house at the same time. Everything is new and I opted for the cheapest room which is at 999 Bath a night. It comes with free breakfast and you can order up to your room at any time of the day.

My room has a tiny balcony that can accommodate 2 person and it is really breezy. I always eat my breakfast at the balcony during my stay there. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that La Cerise has a living room on the second floor. The living room is a common area that can be shared with all the guests. It has satellite TV and DVD player as well. Is cool to entertain your friends here when they come visit you.

I normally do not review hotels or guest houses but I had to with La Cerise because at one time, the manager told me that they also provide transport services with their special made “tuk tuk” around Pattaya City. So this cool service made me want to include this little guest house in one of my post of Spicegasm.A guest enjoying the Free Wifi at the cafe just outside of the guest house premises.

The lobby is also a restaurant where you can have your free breakfast here if you choose not to have it in your room. At the end of the restaurant is a counter where all the friendly La Cerise staffs that will attend to your needs. The restaurant has a big selection of Thai food and also French food. There’s also French pastries for those who has sweet tooth.

This is the living room for the guests and it has satellite TV. The bean bag chair is pretty comfy.

This is where I do my work most of the time. Sometimes I would work at the balcony too.

My bed is clean and comfy. Mattress is good, no complains.

Toilet is clean but I wish the shower would have stronger pressure.

Having my free American breakfast at my tiny balcony. Feeling really happy and contended. It doesn’t take much to make me to feel a million bucks.

Some days I would have the French breakfast instead. Still having it on the balcony though.

The guest house also has many bicycles for rent. I have the feeling the owner of La Cerise is into biking. Tour D’ France!

And finally the picture of the coolest “tuk tuk” in Pattaya City. Bad ass looking motorcycle taxi!



One response to “La Cerise guest house in Soi Lengke Pattaya”

  1. Monalisa says:

    Dear Mr. Frank,

    I called and made a booking at your hotel for my customer and I have been sending customers to you since I knew about your hotel from Ying, who worked at Sawasdee Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok and I checked available rooms with the Thai woman who picked up the phone. She was VERY rude to me and hung up on me. She claimed to be the “Front Office Manager”. I then called back and a Filipino woman picked up and claimed she had no idea who the woman i spoke to was. I’ve decided to send my customer’s to other hotels because I
    I have lost trust in your employee’s because of this. You could tell from talking to them they had NO training whatsoever. You have a very beautiful hotel and the food is delicious but its ruined by the rude employee’s there. Sorry to let you know like this, but the employees at this hotel didn’t even care to follow up on this matter. I’ve already booked 3 rooms at another hotel instead of this one. This hotel was ALWAYS my first choice. Look forward to your reply. Thank you.


    Orawan Duangsawat
    (Owner of Sakuna Tour Ltd.,Part)

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