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October 17, 2011

Singapore food court with live entertainments

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Slept a lot of Sunday, most likely still feeling tired after my Mount Faber exploration. Did not eat lunch and finally at 1am, felt hungry and craving for some food. When I am hungry, is so hard to make decisions especially when there are so many choices. Once I set my mind on eating certain dishes at a certain stall, my saliva will get ready to process those dishes. I hate it when the dish from that certain stall that I wanted is closed. Having to choose other dish will basically screw up my meal. No matter how hungry I am, my appetite is not as great when I have to get an alternative dish.

Yesterday night was awesome as I finally decided to get some BBQ stingray and it was available. I have set my mind to eat in this food court known as Food Court Republic which is located just outside of St James Power Station. I love the food court scene a lot. Is open air and the atmosphere is just right. I feel more comfortable in open space area compared to those posh restaurants.

The food court right outside of St James used to be a parking lot. Now it is a food court with live entertainments where there’s a stage where singers performs easy listening tunes. Yesterday night was a singing duo comprised of a father and daughter team from China. So I decided to snap some pictures of this food court before ordering my BBQ stingray. My friend Joey suggested what we should order some beer. I like the idea too as eating BBQ stingray with beer out in the open air is like a MUST DO.

I have to say the price of the beer in this food court is not that cheap. A jug of beer ( 4 mugs ) cost us SGD26 while in a kopitiam a bottle of big Tiger beer is just SGD5.40. I guess this food court is slightly higher class than other food court as it has live entertainments.

Don’t you just love the atmosphere of the food court scene at 1am. Looks really vibrant and “alive” even though the seats looks cheapish. Many bright little stalls with their signboards offering various dishes. If this is Europe, everyone would be sleeping by now. But in Singapore, you can basically find any food you fancies round the clock.

Father and daughter singing duo from China

Still decent crowd even at 1.30am

This is the stall where we ordered our BBQ stingray

Satay stall - Malay BBQ meat on skewers, my favorite but tonight not craving for it.

The famous frog legs in claypot porridge from Lorong 9 Geylang is also available here

BBQ Chicken wings, another dish that is good to pair with beer

There are more stalls that I did not take pictures off. I am still not so comfortable taking pictures in public area. Maybe just afraid to piss somebody who doesn’t like their pictures taken. This Food Court Republic definitely have more than 15 stalls offering various famous Singapore dishes. Finally our food came and as usual, we ordered more than we could actually eat. Enjoy the pictures of the glorious food of Singapore.

BBQ stingray grilled to perfection

Deep fried chicken wings Chinese style

Kangkung belacan, tasted exceptionally good

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