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January 4, 2011

Back in the Philippines again

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After a few months away from Pinas, I am finally back here again for Christmas and New Year. Coming back to Philippines means I can afford to smoke cigarette again. While in Singapore, I still buy cigarettes occasionally and it cost me like PHP450 per pack. Cigarettes are really expensive in Singapore because of the tax. The government really want to discourage people from smoking. I always felt like an idiot whenever I buy a packet of cigarette in Singapore. You know the government purposely put the tax high in order to discourage you from smoking and yet I still buy it. What can I say, I’m a weakling.

I’ve always enjoyed spending Christmas and New Year here in the Philippines as the atmosphere here is always different. The combination of loud pop music, Philippines version of mini vuvuzelas and “paputok” ( firecrackers ) is the best. Firecrackers is ban in Singapore and we don’t get to hear it anymore. I was told that the loud music on New Year’s Eve would chase bad spirits away.

Another tradition here in the Philippines is that on New Year’s Eve, you are supposed to decorate your house with round fruits. Mandarin orange, longan, grapes and other round fruits are pretty popular. Is also best you wear polka dots theme attires and have many coins in your pocket on that day. This will ensure that you will have more wealth the rest of the new year.

I’ve always teased my Filipino friends about that tradition regarding the coins, polka dot fashion and round fruits. Wouldn’t it be great if we change those fruits into chocolate bars, polka dots into checkered themed attire and coins into monopoly money. That way we will not get only coins in the new year but more cash with big denominations and also those big ass mock checks with big figures on it.

I am just happy to be back in the Philippines and the sound of loud firecrackers seems to welcome me back. A prosperous Happy New Year to you and I hope you will be blessed with good health.

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