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November 1, 2010

Leaving Phnom Penh for Pattaya

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After 5 days of experiencing Phnom Penh, it was time for all of us to leave. Eddie will be flying back to Malaysia. Zach and I will be leaving for Thailand, Pattaya to meet up with a couple of friends.

Since Eddie’s flight and ours are 1 hour apart, we just went to the airport together. While trying to get our boarding pass, Zach heard someone calling out his name. He was surprised and yet shocked as he doesn’t know anyone in Phnom Penh. The gentleman was Dean and he is a friend to one of Zach’s friend in Pattaya. After being reminded where they have met for the first time, Zach finally remembered. I was introduced to Dean and he was on his way to Pattaya too. What a good coincidence as we could share a cab ride.

When is time for Eddie to board his flight, we bid farewell and thank him for showing us a good time and we promise to meet up again in Phnom Penh in the near future. While waiting to board our plane to Suvarnabhumi airport I had a good chat with Dean. I found out that he is actually a photography teacher teaching in Brooks Institute. Since I am into food blogging, I was so excited to meet him and asked him tons of questions regarding photography. He was very generous with his photography tips and he even took the trouble to take out his Mac Book and showed me pictures that he had taken in Siam Reap and Phnom Penh. Here are some of the pictures that I really do like.

Simply amazing, makes me want to go to Angkor Wat the next time

More Angkor Wat picture by Dean DePhillipo

Buddha face on the rocks

He found a kid sleeping in the cave temple

All hisĀ  picture are magazine worthy

Buddha monks having their lunch

Cute Khmer girl chilling on a tree

Kids playing after the rain

This cute kid seems to be very happy having her picture taken

One of the perks of traveling is you get to meet new people and friends. I am so happy to have met Dean and very grateful that he was sharing with me his experiences as a professional photographer. He told me is all about the interest and practice. I wish one day I can take pictures as nice as him, I’ll even settle for half his skills.

If you like the work of Dean and would like to contact him, here is his contact info below.

Dean DePhillipo ( link to his Facebook page )


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