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October 13, 2010

Thai beef noodles Ratchada Soi 10

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I can’t help but to keep singing praises about the food scene in Thailand enough. Where I’m staying right now, walking to the main street is around 200 meters according to my guesstimation. Along that 200 meters walk, there are roughly around 20 food stalls that are open for business daily. I don’t really know why I never really try all of them. Maybe this is due to the fact that I’ve already set my mind to go eat in some other places while walking to the main road.

One day while walking to the main road, I suddenly have the urge to try this stall that I’ve been seeing for many times. Every time I passed by this stall, I can see a lot of  Thai people occupying the tables. I have no idea what they are selling but I have a rough idea that this stall is selling noodles but not sure what kind of noodles they were selling. So I think is about time that I eat in this little Thai noodle stall.

This is how the Thai noodle stall is being set up. I wish I could speak Thai and can do some short interview with the owner of the stall. I am curious to know how long they have been operating the business and also did they start off by selling their goodies with a small push cart and later managed to buy the building and convert the little side area of the building into a simple stall. I’ve seen many push cart vendors became successful over the years. Don’t underestimate the potential of push cart stall operators, they can probably make more money you and me combined.

I am so glad that my urge on that day was to give this Thai noodle stall a try. Found out that they are selling beef and pork noodle soup. I love this kind of stall that is selling limited item. It means they are specialist and most of the time you need to be good in what you offer to survive. I decided to order the beef noodle. It comes with a few slices of beef and beef balls as well. The soup is the thick version and almost like stew. Garnishing was with some chopped chives and some fried pork skin. For 25 BHT a bowl, it is definitely a steal.

I love how the Thai stall always provide you with all the dips and condiments set on the table. You can use it as much as you desire. It normally comprised of sugar, chopped chili soaked in fish sauce, chili powder and home made chili sauce.

I always feel very comfortable with this kind of food stall because, number 1, I know no matter how much I eat, I can still afford it. Surely it will not put a dent in my wallet. Knowing that this stall does not rely on fancy decoration to sell their products, I am assured of good quality and tasty food.

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