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October 16, 2010

Kuang seafood restaurant Ratchada

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As much as I love the street food scene around Asia, I do go eat in restaurant once in a while. The restaurant has to be either highly recommended or caught my attention. Those are my two criteria of dining in a restaurant. As for this post, Kuang Sea Food restaurant has always caught my attention while walking past it. I’ve always noticed the restaurant is super packed and that prompt me to give the restaurant a shot.

Next to the entrance of the restaurant I can see lots of aquarium with live prawns, crabs, fishes and different kind of shell fish in it. All though the picture posted looked like it has nothing in it, it actually has some prawns at the below of the tank. I took this picture while sitting down as I felt shy to go near the aquarium to take better pictures. I’m still not used to taking pictures especially when there’s a lot of customers.

Another secret shot that I took while pretending to adjust my camera. I’m always worried that some people might not like their pictures being taken. As you can see, the restaurant is always pack during dinner time.

Thai Curry Prawn

Upon looking at the menu, I can tell that this restaurant is actually offering Thai-Chinese cuisine. If you have been traveling and eating out long enough, you can tell the difference between an authentic Thai restaurant or distinguish the difference between an authentic Chinese restaurant or a Thai-Chinese restaurant. What I meant here is that this restaurant is actually own by Chinese who are born in Thai. So the dishes can actually be categorized in a class of it’s own. So to call it a Thai restaurant or a Chinese restaurant it would not be accurate.

The picture above is Thai Curry Prawn. It uses the Chinese cooking technique of stir fry. The ingredients are mostly Thai inspired. The prawn used are fresh water prawn and the head of the prawns are exceptionally big. Asian loves eating this kind of prawns where you can suck all the juices and roe from the head. Really tasty stuff but not to Western folk friendly.

Thai Kung Pao Chicken

Another dish we ordered was a chicken dish. Is quite similar to Chinese version of Kung Pao Chicken. The difference of this Thai version against the Chinese version is that it is more spicy and less sweet.

Steam Sea Bass In Lime Sauce

We ordered 3 dishes that night and the last one is steam sea bass in lime sauce. As you can see there are loads of chili on the sea bass. The sauce is spicy and sour and it is really appetizing.

Total damage for the complete meal for 3 person was 950 BHT. We also ordered 3 plates of rice and 2 bottles of water. It is not pricey if you compare with Western prices. Of course eating in the street food stalls would be cheaper but these type of dishes cannot be found in the street food scenes. I can safely say that the price is pretty standard for a Thai seafood restaurant. There are places in Bangkok where the price are even pricier. Especially in tourist area in Patpong. Kuang Sea Food Restaurant is located in Soi 12 Ratchada.

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