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October 28, 2010

Joy ride around Phnom Penh city

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After having Cambodia cuisine for lunch and felt slightly smarter than the people that never tasted it, I try to memorized the name of the dishes that we ate for lunch. This is very important as it can be used in the near future if you happened to bump into a Cambodian. I can just bust out the words Amok, Kampot Pepper, Khmer Beef Loc Lac to the Cambodian and hoping to be praised by him/her or shim ( you’ll never know ). If that happens, I can have a smart ass grin on my face. Lol.

After lunch we decided to just have a joy ride in a tuk tuk around the city. I find this activity fun as I can see more about the Cambodian lifestyle. We just asked the tuk tuk driver to just go around the city without any specific destination. I’m not sure he ever got request like this before judging at his face expression when I told him just to drive around to no where. During the ride, I snapped some pictures of Phnom Penh.

Riverfront area where a lot of restaurants along the road

Restaurants and guest house along the Riverfront area

Happy Herb Pizza, pizza with marijuana is what I heard. I’ll stick to Angkor Beef for my happiness as I’m not a herbal person.

Cambodia Royal Palace

The entrance to the Royal Palace. If I’m not mistaken, the entrance fee is USD 3 per person for the royal tour.

Royal Palace wall with Cambodian artistry. Not sure if it was done by this shirtless old man or he was just a passerby.

Tuk-tuk driver filling up more gas for more joyride

Streets of Phnom Penh

Shop houses in Phnom  Penh

Cinema in Phnom Penh

Dental clinic in Phnom Penh

Guest house in Phnom Penh

After riding the tuk-tuk with no specific destination, Eddie suggested we go to the famous Central Market of Phnom Penh. I normally stay away from all these touristy area but today I’m going to make it as an exception. So we told the tuk-tuk driver to bring us to the Central Market.

Did you noticed most of the pictures in this post, the roads are empty and shops are all closed? It is a public holiday in Cambodia and Central Market was closed too on that day. I guess it is not meant to be for me to visit all these touristy places on my travels. If you see the yellow color roof in the picture just above this post, that’s Central Market. Well, I can still tell people I’ve been to Central Market in Phnom Penh.

We decided to walk and stumbled upon a smaller version of street wet market. Vendors are selling all sorts of vegetables, fishes, meats, live stocks and food. I wanted to take many pictures but still feel a little shy to just snap the pictures of the vendors. So the results is just a few pictures of street vendors selling food.

Local street wet market

Street food selling fried fish. I am gung-ho about eating in places like this but the language barrier deterred me from doing so. Is places like this where we will find authentic local cuisine. I’m used to these kind of street food scenes.

I wish I have a local friend who is a foodie who can guide us on what to order. I felt a little bit disappointed for not being adventurous enough.

After the wet market, we went back to the hotel to rest and search online for more information on Phnom Penh. Can’t wait to check out some other places for a nice dinner.

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