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October 15, 2010

Food stalls around Ratchada

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You can find practically any kind of food with the mobile food stall scenes in Thailand. Within 2 km of my vicinity of where I’m staying, I believe there would be easily hundreds of mobile food stalls offering meals from breakfast to dinner. I  think is just impossible for me to visit all these great food stalls during my short stay in Bangkok. I do however make it a point to visit as much stalls I can while staying here. Most of the stalls I have to say offer above average quality goodies.

Who needs the fancy Starbucks coffee when you can have quality coffee for as low as 25 BHT. I normally order ice-coffee and the Thai style of ice coffee has condense milk with ice. Really tasty and is best taken in the morning before heading to another stall to get some breakfast. Sometimes I have the ice coffee during tea time and have some snacks as well.

Not my best picture but here you go, some road side stall getting ready for business. It’s around 4 pm and the sun is pretty bright, this probably is the cause of why the pictures are too bright. The road is actually flanked by these mobile food stalls left and right. It does caused traffic but people just don’t seem to mind. Sometimes some of the drivers even do a quickie by stopping their car to order some food for take away.

My favorite fried chicken stall. I not sure why I left this picture out when I made the post about my favorite stall. The skin are mostly from the neck part and is damn delicious. The Colonel would be amazed if he ever get the chance to taste it. I’m not a health buff hence I don’t mind “whacking” this amazing crispy tasty skins. I will not forgive myself if I do not give it a try because of all the hype about healthy eating. As long as you don’t eat it all the time I guess it would be all right.

Next to the fried chicken stall I noticed a lady selling some sort of fried dough. In Singapore we do have something similar where it is know as “You Tiao”

I have no idea what is the name of this delicious fried snack. I bought 20 BHT worth of these golden fried dough and another 10 BHT for the dip. The dip looked very familiar to me and upon tasting it, it confirmed my guess. It is Kaya and I don’t think the Thai call it the same. In Singapore many people dip their version of fried dough in soya bean drink or coffee. It is still delicious nevertheless.

With all these affordable prices and super delicious food, how can one not fall in love with Thailand. When it comes to the food scene in Thailand, you do not have to worry about not be able to afford it. It is always a matter of whether you have enough time or space in your stomach to eat all the goodies offered.

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