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October 1, 2010

Delicious street food in Ratchada

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If someone claims that they are food expert in Bangkok, I think he would need to regularly eat out for the past 10 years to state that claim. Almost every area of Bangkok has great food. You don’t even need to go to a fancy restaurant to actually experience quality Thai dishes. Street foods in Asia are slowly getting recognition among the Westerners these days. This is probably due to the popularity of food documentaries featuring Anthony Bourdain and Anthony Zimmern.

Yesterday I told Zach that I will bring him to eat some really good Thai fried Chicken. My friend has been living in Ratchada for the past 5 years and he has no idea about the delicious fried chicken. I don’t blame him as there’s no way for him to know every good food around his area. There’s just too many and I think in order to know every good food around his area, he needs to make eating his full time job.

The distance between the Thai fried chicken stall from his home is around 1 km. Walking is the best option as we get to exercise and also get to see other food vendors that we might have not noticed before in the past. Finally after 15 minutes of walking, we arrived at Soi 13, Ratchada and I can already smell the aroma of the Thai fried chicken. I ate at this stall 2 years ago and it was by chance that I stumbled upon this stall. I can never forget the taste and always make a point to eat it when I visit Bangkok.

The owner of the fried chicken stall is busy frying his delicious chickens. His stall is actually a tricycle modified into a stall at the same time. Even though his stall is mobile, but this has been his spot for years in Soi 13, Ratchada.

I kinda gestured to the owner like I am asking permission to snap pictures of him and his stall. Even though is only sign language but I guessed he understood it and gladly posed for me while he was frying his chicken. I wish I could speak Thai and asked more about him and his stall.

This is the big wok he uses to fry his chicken daily. The aroma really made us hungry. There’s no tables and chairs for you to dine in. You either eat the fried chicken while standing there or “take out”.

Our fried chicken that just came out from the wok. It’s really piping hot and I suggested to Zach that we will find a restaurant and devour our chicken right away. I want to strike the fried chicken while it is really hot and I don’t like the idea of walking back home for another 15 more minutes before I can sink my teeth into those juicy fried chicken. We ordered 4 pieces of chicken and per piece is 45 BHT. We already decided to pig out as we did not eat breakfast. Just 10 meters away from the road side stall I saw a restaurant. I decided to go eat my fried chicken there and by ordering some food and drinks from the restaurant, we will be allowed to bring outside food the restaurant.

Notice the restaurant at the far left of the picture? There’s where we went to whallop our fried chicken. Good thing about Bangkok is that almost every restaurant will serve good food. No matter how run down the restaurant or stall might be, the food is definitely more than edible.

We ordered this dish of raw shrimp soaked in lime juice. It has a special kind of chili dip with mixture of lime juice in it.  Really tasty stuff.

Thai version of kangkung belacan. Is commonly known as stir fry morning glory in English.  We also ordered one rice and 2 bottles of mineral water. The total bill was 160 BHT. We didn’t really mind as the food that they served was good and most importantly allowed us to eat our fried chicken.

Zach with his fried chicken, I mean used to be a fried chicken, now is only bone. Judging from the picture of the chicken bone, I think Zach enjoyed it very much.

For those of you who can read Thai, this is the Ratchada Soi 13 Fried Chicken Stall signboard.

I prefer Asian type of fried chicken compared to the Western style. Asian style fried chicken has very little or no batter at all. It uses a lot of spices to marinate it for long hours to make the chicken really tasty. Compared to the Western fried chicken, Asian style fried chicken is not as crispy because of no batter or flour. It is still crispy enough and very juicy. So if you are somewhere near Ratchada, do give this fried chicken stall a try and would love to listen to your feedback.

3 responses to “Delicious street food in Ratchada”

  1. Randolph says:

    Stall signboard

    Left (pink): fried chicken.
    Center (up): Sarakham(Mahasarakham-province in north-eastern of Thailand).
    Center (bottom): Thanks everyone for purchase.
    Right(green) : New recipes! Crisp outside, Limp inside.
    and the small red : Long live the king.

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks for the info man…..kap khun krab

  3. Michelle says:

    Ahahaha I bet Zach loves the fried chicken very much =)

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