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September 28, 2010

What should I blog about Bangkok

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Been to Bangkok many times but this is actually my first time in Bangkok as a blogger. So I am pretty excited to capture my experience and turn it into blog posts. Since I love food and Thailand being one of the countries that is well known for it’s superior food, food is definitely going to be my main topic. I wasn’t really feeling well when I arrived and I haven’t been really eating those Thai spicy food. Yesterday night I felt a bit better and the first thing I did was to indulge myself with a big pot of spicy Tom Yum seafood. There’s more to Thai food rather than just the ever popular Tom Yum. Since I do not speak Thai, it is always easy to just order Tom Yum. It has became a ritual to me, my Thailand trip would not be completed if I did not eat Tom Yum.

Also another common dish that I ordered was the Crab Meat Fried Rice. The fried rice cost me 40BHT ( 1.30 USD ) and the Tom Yum seafood soup 100 BHT ( 3.30 USD ). The Tom Yum is actually good for 2 person. The meal is definitely cheap by any standard.

My Tom Yum Seafood. In the soup it has fish meat, squid, shrimp and mushrooms. I might want to go to those 1 day cooking classes just to learn more about Thai spices. The cooking schools are more for tourist rather than aspiring chef or cook.

I just love the pot that is being used to serve the Tom Yum soup.

The tasty Crab Meat Fried Rice. The amount of crab meat in the fried rice is so generous. Every bite there’s crab meat in it, so for 40 BHT is really a good price. Normally I would eat this with fish sauce and bird’s eye chili. Since I just got well, I don’t wanna push my luck. Just sacrifice one meal without the spicy chili and I can enjoy my future meals through out my stay here.

2 responses to “What should I blog about Bangkok”

  1. Nelson says:

    Hey when you coming back here ? just found a place in chinatown
    with lots of different meat bbq and other stuff , plus that tasteless chinese beer , but made me drunk after 12 big bottles

    how’s the vietnam trip ?

  2. Alex says:

    Did not get to go Vietnam….just went to Cambodia…will return to Singapore soon after trying out a few more eating place here in Thailand.

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