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September 8, 2010

Typical supper food in Singapore

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One of the favorite past time in Singapore is having supper with your friends. A meal between 9.30pm – 3am can be considered supper. It is a meal after dinner and when the mouth is itchy, you go for supper. It is not meant for filling up your tummy but more of food tasting kinda meal.

So here are some typical supper food where it is commonly found in food courts all over Singapore. My friends invited me to go for supper as they know I am into food blogging nowadays. I still feel very awkward taking pictures of food and thanks to my buddies who reminded me to snap the pictures of the food before being devoured.

BBQ chicken wings that is best eaten with special chili sauce that came with the wings. These wings are normally marinated with soya sauce and occasionally honey to make it taste a little bit sweet.

I haveĀ  no idea what you call this shell in English. We just call this Gong Gong and the texture of this creature is kinda rubbery. It is normally boiled with ginger and then you pluck them out and dip it with the chili sauce. It has some fishy smell to it and basically tasteless. I have no idea why people liked it and my guess is maybe more of wanting to bite on something rubbery like a chewing gum.

This is how gong gong looks like after pulling it off it’s shell.

All time favorite kangkung belacan. In English is known as Morning Glory With Shrimp Paste. Very tasty.

Grilled Mackerel or “Ikan Kembung panggang” in Malay. It is normally cooked with some special mixed of chili paste on a banana leaf to give a fragrant smell to the fish. We actually wanted the grilled stingray instead of this but they ran out of stingray. Sting ray wold be a better choice for this type of cooking as the flesh of sting ray is much softer and smoother. The dipping for this grilled dish is the cencaluk.

Chicken and beef satay. I’m sure by now everybody knows what satay is.

The food court that we went to for this supper excursion was in Pasir Panjang. Not really a big food court but they are quite a bit of selection of noodles, seafood and other types of food as well. Since there’s only the 3 of us, we can only manage to order these few items. Dining in Singapore is best to go in one big group of 10 people. That way you can order more food and share among friends and sample everything. Sometimes foreign friends do get confused with all the sauces that accompany the dishes. To get a good dining experience, you need to use the right sauce for the right dish.

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