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September 13, 2010

Tea time Singapore style

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One of the coolest past time in Singapore is tea time. The Cantonese call it “Yum Cha”, the Hokkien call it “Lim Teh”, the Malay call it “Minum Teh” and the Indian call it “Teh Tani”. The meaning is all the same and the direct translation to English is Drink Tea. The Filipino normally call it mirienda.

Is not necessary that we have to drink tea but is just how we call it. You can actually drink coffee or even soft drink.  All the term above represents more to the occasion rather than the action of drinking tea. I love tea time in Singapore because the meal is more relax and casual. This is when you normally catch up with the latest office gossips while having a drink and nibble on some tea time dishes.

There are literally hundreds of tea time food ( I counted it real quick mentally and yep, I’m not bragging with my claim ) available in Singapore. Here are my choice of food when I had tea time session with a friend few days ago.

This is popiah and cucur udang. Popiah is known as lumpiang in Philippines but the popiah I had has no meat. Only bean sprout and turnip. Cucur udang is just flour mixed with some small shrimp, bean sprout and onion leaves. Taste really good with the special chili sauce.

I had some icy cold cendol kacang instead of tea. This is quite similar to halo halo but is made of some green pandan jelly, coconut milk, gula melaka and red beans. I think if cendol is being sold in the Philippines, it can give halo halo a good run for it’s money.

Nowadays the young generation prefers to have tea time in Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Over priced cheese cake and coffee are preferred as it is way cooler to be seen having tea in these coffee joints. I still prefer having my tea in the local food court as it is way cheaper and I prefer the selection of food offered. Maybe I am just a cheap bastard.

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  1. Zach says:

    You had me, til the mention of “no meat” hahaha

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