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September 5, 2010

Saturday evening in Chinatown, Singapore

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I can’t wait to make another post as I didn’t want my previous post about bad experience of mine to stay as the first post of my blog. When two friends of mine called me up and asked me to meet for dinner, I suggested that we go to Chinatown  for some really good hot pot.

In recent years, Chinatown Singapore has really become the “real” Chinatown as they are great influx of Chinese People from Mainland China coming to Singapore to set up businesses. So many new restaurant serving authentic Chinese food can be found in Chinatown.

I arrived earlier than my friends so I decided to go snap some pictures and here are some pictures I would like to share it with you guys.

The famous People’s Park Complex, is a popular destination for housewives to go look for great bargains on household items. My mom used to frequent this place long time ago.

The Chinatown main road. You can also see a flyover or bridge in this picture. People like to hang out on the bridge with their friends.

Some really old buildings and the road is pretty busy

Lanterns being displayed and Chinatown is getting ready for the Mooncake Festival. When the decoration is fully done, Chinatown will be transform into a really beautiful and colorful place. It’s actually a yearly tourist attraction where people all over the world would visit.

Restaurant are everywhere in Singapore. Most people prefer to patronize the non high class restaurant as the food is way better and is really cheap. The restaurant are normally set up in an open air environment and just next to the road. Many Westerner felt it is unhealthy but I can assure you it is 100% safe. You need to experience it for yourself and then you will enjoy dining outdoors Singapore style.

A very busy restaurant specializing in selling all sort of porridge. On weekends is really hard to get a seat. No reservations normally and it is first come first serve basis.

Rows of restaurant alongside the road. Almost every restaurants are packed with customers. I don’t think I will be bragging when I said these stretch of restaurants are around one kilometers long.

An old building built in 1879 which is still standing tall next to the hot pot restaurant where I will meet my friends.

Entrance of the hot pot joint that I’ve chosen among many in Chinatown.

I just walked in and informed the waitress that they will be 3 of us and she gave me a table.  Once we have our table and decided on the soup or broth of choice, is time to go get your meat, vegetables and seafood to your table and ready to cook it by ourselves.

Big selections of sea food here and it’s all very fresh.

Our choice of soup. Chinese herbal soup that is tasty but mild and the red colored soup is known as “Ma Lat” which is a famous Szechuan soup that is spicy. Is a kind of special peppercorn and chili mixed.

When the soup is boiling, is time to put the seafood in. I’ve always put the seafood in first and followed by the meat. This is to sweeten the soup with great flavor. Then you can put in the meatballs and vegetables that are cook really fast.

On top of all the raw food that you need to cook yourself, the restaurant also prepared some cold dishes, fried chicken wings and dumplings.

Our messy table with all sorts of food ready to be cook. Tsingtao beer from China to go along with our hot pot – heaven!

Hot pot or commonly known as steamboat in Singapore is really one of my favorite dish and it’s best to eat with a company of 3-5. While waiting for your meat to be cook, you get to catch up with your friends. Hot pot normally takes around 2 hours to complete as you really eat it slow. It’s really ideal for a get together type of occasion as it is cheap and not noisy like in a club where you can’t even talk to your friends. It cost us SGD15 per person for all you can eat exclusive the drinks.  With the amount of quality seafood, meat, meatballs, vegetables, dumplings, salad and so many more, I think the price is just amazingly good. Oh, they have watermelons  too for desserts.

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    Good Recommendations i have been quite a few the famous beach road was my very first one chinatown a few this one will definitely try it looks clean and freshy Thank you very much for the pictures and infor

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