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September 1, 2010

A typical morning in Singapore

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It’s been a while since I made a post. From Manila, I went to Macau on the 19th August and stayed there for 5 days. Was invited to attend expo and I invited my parents to come hang out with me in Macau. My buddy Zach and Felix was also invited for the expo and all of us stayed in the same hotel. I will post about Macau the next few days.

Today I am posting about Singapore because I promised my brother ( from a different mother and father from Netherlands ) to show him what I am going to eat for breakfast. He has never visited Singapore but hopefully by next year June he will come visit Asia.

I love waking up early while I am in Singapore because of the food courts that is near my flat. The food court opens as early as 6am and there are approximately 100 individual stalls selling all sorts of foods. Not all of the stalls open at the same time but they are quite a handful are open to sell mostly breakfast meal. Singapore breakfast is “wild” according to most of my Caucasian buddies as the meals are heavy. I have to admit that the food is not as healthy as cereals and milk ( BORING!!! ) but no Singaporean has been reported dead while eating breakfast. The breakfast culture has been like this ever since and most of us are used to it.

While walking to the food court, I decided to snap some pictures of HDB flats of Singapore. Most Singaporean live in HDB and it is the cheapest form of housing in Singapore. Condos and landed property like houses cost a fortune. Since Singapore is a small island, high rise HDB are the best form of lodging.

It does look like a posh condo with all the trees

More HDB ahead and I’ m approaching the food court.

The early morning crowd in the food court near my flat. You can see the fish ball noodle soup stall is already open for business.

I walked around a bit to snap more pictures of the food court. Seen here is a Bah Kut Teh stall getting ready for business. I will write more about Bah Kut Teh in the future.

People lining up to buy their breakfast from this stall selling fried noodles.

Since I am a big fan of spicy food, I decided to patronize this stall that sells Curry Laksa ( noodles cooked in coconut and curry based soup ).

This is how Curry Laksa looks like. It has noodles, bean sprout, fish cake, fried tofu and cockles ( some sort of shell that is quite similar to clams ). This dish is not for those with a weak stomach. The soup is already spicy and yet we still have the chili dip for the cockles, fish cake and fried tofu. This cost me SGD2.00 ( aprox PHP64 ).

After the curry laksa, I went to a drink stall to get a drink. Opposite of the drink stall is another stall specializing in selling Yau Char Kwai ( fried dough ). The curry laksa is actually good enough for my breakfast meal but since my mouth is still itchy, I decided to order the fried dough to go along with my cold Soya bean. Talk about putting crazy calories in your body in the morning. I think if these food cut short my life to 5 years, so be it.

The drink stall and next to it is a fruit stall selling fresh food. Since I’m already super full, no fruits for me this morning.

So this is what I normally do in the morning while in Singapore. Tomorrow I will visit the food court again and I will get to choose on what to eat from the 80 stalls. Eating breakfast and read the morning newspaper is something I enjoy very much.

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