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July 18, 2010

My visit to Italy year 2008

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I was not into blogging a few years ago. Another thing that I am not really into is taking pictures. Especially pictures of myself standing or sitting ALONE and posing like a movie star wannabe. Camera never really liked me since I was a kid. So many countries that I’ve visited, I never really bothered to take pictures. I kinda regret it now because the pictures would be great for making my blog to look more interesting. I will start to take more pictures in the future, especially food and scenery. Solo posing pictures of myself is still very much out of the question.

I will share with you some random pictures that I took from my previous trips. It might not be that awesome but is still pictures that are worth sharing I guess. Is not an attempt to “show off” to visitors of my blogs on how many countries that I’ve been to. Just want to share with you some of the pictures that was taken during my visits.

Here are some of the pictures while I was in Vicenza Italy.

Vicenza town with some cool old buildings and cobble stone roads that I only see in movies before my visit.

Enjoying coffee at a side walk cafe with your friends on a sunny cool afternoon. This one thing folks in Asia will never experience but is still not stopping the trendy folks in Asia trying to look cool in the local Starbucks under the hot sun.

We decided to have some coffee at this stall.

Kids getting excited to see assortment of snacks

This is how to look cool even without trying

Typical Saturday afternoon in Vicenza town center

When I saw this old man on this narrow pavement, I suddenly  felt like I have the skills of a  National Geographic photographer, I snapped the picture but sadly the results proves that sometimes your feelings might not necessary be right all the time.

I have no idea why I took this picture but I guess I can blame it on the “National Geographic photographer feelings” again.

More pictures to come in future post, so stay tune.

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