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July 15, 2010

King Chef Chinese restaurant Pt 2

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I finally got the pictures of the opening ceremony from the owners of King Chef Chinese Restaurant. If you read my earlier post, you know that was my first event being invited as a blogger. So it is understandable that I am making extra post for this particular restaurant. I am sure you can understand the concept of first love ;).

During the opening ceremony we were treated with Dim Sum, noodles and meat combo platter. These dishes are quite common to me and I would say it taste pretty good. I am not an expert food critic but I think I do have many experiences traveling around the world and sampling Chinese dishes. My blog is not meant to serve as a food critic authority but is simply to point  MY views only. What is good to me might not be good to you and vice versa.

I’m sure food lovers all over Manila are quite familiar with Dim Sum now and King Chef in my humble opinion has more than Dim Sum to offer judging from the menu. I’ve yet to try those more sophisticated dishes like “Buddha Jump Over The Fence Soup”. This funny name for a Chinese dish is like the king of all Chinese dishes. It is very expensive due to the ingredients used and also the process of cooking this soup takes long hours. I’ve yet to see other Chinese restaurant like Hap Chan or David Tea House serving this dish. Maybe the targeted market is different as this dish is not that mainstream. I believe King Chef has the goal of trying to be a Chinese restaurant to really serve authentic Chinese food.

So in order for me to really give my verdict, I need to go have a 10 course meal to really give my opinion on the King Chef. For now I can only provide you with some general info about the restaurant based on the food I was served during the opening ceremony. The restaurant is spacious and do have a very chic setting. The furniture is modern and does not really go to the extend of using Chinese furniture design which is sometimes overkill in a Chinese restaurant.

Currently King Chef has some sort of happy hours daily for their Dim Sum. All Dim Sum will be sold at PHP48 during 2pm-5pm and 9pm-12am daily. Is really a great price if you into mirienda or enjoys supper. I’ve always have this attitude of eating only local delicacies whenever I am traveling. Chinese food is not on my agenda when I come to the Philippines as it is not predominantly a Chinese country like Hong Kong or Singapore. I guess this mind set need to be change and I have to be more open as I am a food blogger now :D.

Here are some awesome pictures during the event.

Lion dance troupe to make the event merrier

Dragon dance troupe was invited to make sure the restaurant will be “ONG

The organizer from EVENTUS KINETIX-IMC CORP, Abigail and Shirlybeth

Cutting the ribbon by owners and friends

It was really a nice occasion and I enjoyed the ceremony very much. I wish the owners of King Chef all the best and continue to make good food and good fortune will follow.


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