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July 22, 2010

Ibayo Restaurant at San Miguel by the bay

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Ibayo recently held a press event night specially for all food bloggers in the Philippines. It was organized once again by the good people of EVENTUS KINETIX-IMC CORP.

After my first experience attending the opening ceremony of King Chef restaurant, I feel more comfortable this time around. I arrived at 7.50pm which is actually 50 minutes late. I kinda know that the event would not start exactly as stated on the invitation email which is at 7.00pm. I am just following the Filipino Time. ( To be fair, is actually a South East Asian trait, not a good one but we always joke about it). Food was already served and bloggers we busy taking pictures of the food. Seems like I am the only guy who is late. Abigail, Winston and Mark from the organizing team greeted me and found me a table with another fellow blogger with her hubby. We made the customary introduction and chatted for a bit while waiting to order our food. I order one dish that is Sizzling Chicken, Analynn and hubby ordered White Chicken Adobo, Beef Kaldereta, Crispy Pata and a starter.

My sizzling spring chicken dish

Beef Kaldereta

The ever popular Crispy Pata, I just wish I had some Chicken rice chili sauce to go with it!

When the food arrived, we took some pictures and began to taste the food. After our meal, people were walking around to introduce themselves, saying hello to old friends and also the owners were asking everybody if everything is okay. We were  introduced to the owners of Ibayo by Abigail. I had a very good chat with one of the brothers, Tyrone( 2 siblings own Ibayo ).

My invitation email states that Ibayo is run by Barrio Fiesta. I have seen the Restaurant Barrio Fiesta in Makati Ave but never had the chance to eat there. But I am aware that Barrio Fiesta is a famous family restaurant that has been around for ages. So I just ask Tyrone how it all began.

Barrio Fiesta was actually started by Tyrone’s grandmother. His grandfather was a movie producer and her grandmother usually cooked for the film crew. Everyone loved her cooking so much that she started turning a small portion of her house into a tiny restaurant. Over time, business is so good that it finally took over the house and many Barrio Fiesta restaurant soon followed.

Many Filipino grew up with Barrio Fiesta as it is a popular place for families get together or weekend eating out session. It is a household name and I’m sure most Filipino have eaten there at least once in their life. We also discuss about the food from other region as Tyrone is a former national team bowler and he is well traveled. He is also very familiar with the food in Singapore and told me that he enjoys eating Chicken Rice and Bah Kut Teh.

I was given a cocktail which is made by Tristian and I have to admit it tasted pretty good. I was never into cocktail as I regard myself as a beer drinker. But I think my mentality about cocktail as a sissy drink gotta change as I am a food blogger now. I need to be more open for new things.

It is safe to say that Ibayo, ran by two young entrepreneurs whose family background is a household name in the restaurant business will make a name for themselves as the modern version of Barrio Fiesta. Chic interior design with some touch of traditional Filipino designs gives a modern feel of the restaurant. With the passion of Tristian creating new flavors of cocktails, this surely will appeal to the younger crowd of Filipino who wishes to taste the goodness of Filipino food with modern settings.

Some fellow bloggers asked me how did I enjoy the traditional Filipino dishes. Is hard for me to actually give an honest opinion as the food was served free to me. As a human being, our judgment are clouded by this generous gestures by our hosts. I think next time, all new restaurant should charge a minimal fee for bloggers like us to attend their openings. Hahahaha..I hope my fellow bloggers will NOT flame me for this suggestion of mine. But on a serious note, I really did enjoyed the fried dishes and would say the quality of the food is of good standard. I can only give my final verdict when I pay for my own meal next time around.

Some more pictures of Ibayo press event.

My tablemates, fellow blogger Analynn and hubby

Bloggers having a feast with dishes provided by our generous host Ibayo

The hard working organizers having their meal after all the bloggers left.

I wish the Ongpauco brothers all the best and I hope they will make Ibayo into a house hold name among the new generation of Filipino.

3 responses to “Ibayo Restaurant at San Miguel by the bay”

  1. january says:

    hello Alex, it was nice meeting you and the rest of the food bloggers last wed night 🙂

  2. Alex says:

    Was nice meeting you too!

  3. docgelo says:

    it was definitely a fun feast that night at ibayo.
    nice to briefly chat with you alex.
    wish we bump into each other someday; either here or in other asian country. =)

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