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June 21, 2010

Visiting my Godsister in Italy

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I visited my Godsister in Italy in year 2008. She lives in Vicenza, Italy with her boyfriend. The boyfriend is really a cool dude and he offered me to stay in his lovely house. At the time of my visit, I have no knowledge on how to blog nor was I really interested in blogging. Now that I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug, I think would be cool to feature them in my blog as a way to show my appreciation for their hospitality. It also allows me to share some of the pictures that I’ve taken with my family, friends and of course the visitors of my blog.

Was really a cool experience to be living in an Italian home and I got to be an Italian for a few weeks. To most people, I am the most boring tourist on earth. I hate visiting tourist spots and I am contented just to be visiting restaurant, pubs ( love getting buzzed and beer sampling ) and just watching the local TV stations. I believe in order to experience the country that you visit, best way is to stay with the locals. Staying in hotels and going to tourist spots is not really experiencing the country to the fullest.

Vicenza is just 20 km away from Venice and I have no idea why I declined the offer to go visit when Edo ( Godsister’s boyfriend ) offered to drive me there and show me around. I never regretted my decision as I was happier to be invited to have coffee with Edo’s parents during my stay. Seeing a typical Italian home and enjoying their company is all I ask. I had a good time with Edo’s dad talking mainly about our own country in general and mostly about food. The Italian are really stylish people, their poise and the way they drink coffee and fold their legs is really classy. I can’t help but to have the image of Al Pacino in the Godfather movie as I observed my Italian friends movement and gestures. I think is really cool and only an Italian can make drinking coffee looked so cool. No Asian or Chinaman in particular can pull that off. So if you are Asian, quit trying to look cool in Starbuck when you drinking your coffee.

Here are some pictures of Edo’s home :-

House Entrance


Living Room

Fire Place


Stylish Italian Man

Kitchen Stove

Study Room

My Room

Very nice toilet

So I think you would agree with me that this is better than staying in the hotel ya. I will post more pictures of my past travels in the future updates of my blog. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Edo and my Godsister for having me while I was in Italy. See you guys again soon.

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