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June 29, 2010

This is call Jemput Jemput in Malay

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On Sunday suddenly I felt like having some mirienda. Went out to the local sari sari store and got myself a bottle of Mountain Dew. I already had some idea in mind of what to make. There’s some anchovies, onion and flour, that’s all I need to make this simple Malay snack call Jemput Jemput. I had a blast eating this snack while gulping down ice cold Mountain Dew.

Here is how we can make this simple, cheap and delicious snack.


  • 200 gm of multi purpose flour
  • one onion chopped fine
  • 50 gm anchovies
  • salt
  • water
  • one egg
  • turmeric powder ( optional )
  • pepper


  • Put flour in a bowl
  • Break an egg
  • Add onion
  • Add water and mixed it really well
  • add in onion
  • add in anchovies that are slightly fried ( can be raw )
  • add in turmeric, salt and pepper
  • mixed it really well till the dough is gooey like and sticky
  • heat up oil in wok
  • when oil is hot, use a big spoon and put flour into wok
  • fry till golden brown
  • serve it with Maggi Chili sauce

I remember my mom used to make this a lot for tea time snack. She normally made us hot milk tea when the weather is not so hot and if the weather is hot, she will make us cold ice Milo to go with the Jemput Jemput. When I was really young, I remember I normally dip it with Maggi Tomato sauce. When I was 6 years old, I start to eat it with the Chili sauce and never looked back.


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