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June 20, 2010

Fried Gallungong in spicy sauce

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I love this fish by the name of Gallungong ( Mackerel ). I think it is also known as GG here in the Philippines. This fish is quite common and I think is the lesser expensive fish compared to other fishes like Bangus or Grouper ( Lapu Lapu ). I loved to deepĀ  fry the GG with turmeric powder and then make some variation of sauces. Today I will share with you my recipe for Fried GG with spicy sauce.


  • 4 pieces of Gallungong ( Mackerel )
  • 2 onions
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • turmeric powder and salt
  • Maggi chili sauce
  • 2 chili ( optional if can’t take too spicy )
  • fish sauce ( patis )
  • tamarind juice
  • half glass of water
  • Sugar ( 2 teaspoon )


  • Clean fish and marinate it with salt and turmeric powder
  • Deep fry fish till really crunchy and set aside
  • Slice onions thinly into half moon shape
  • Crush garlic and take out skin
  • Crush chili


  • Heat up 5 tablespoon of cooking oil
  • Sauteed garlic
  • Add onions ( half, the other half is for garnishing )
  • Add in crush chili
  • Add 5 spoonful of Maggi Chili sauce
  • Add the tamarind juice
  • Add water and keep stirring
  • Add sugar
  • Add a little salt to taste ( not too much as fish already marinated with salt )
  • Once gravy or sauce is a little bit thick it is ready to be pour on fried fish
  • Place the other half raw onions on the fish for garnishing
  • Serve with steam rice

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