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June 1, 2010

Fried Chicken with turmeric

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I am running out of spices and I decided to make something easy for dinner last night. I got some turmeric powder and making fried chicken marinated with turmeric powder and salt would be a good call.

This is actually a Malay dish and it goes very well with namprik. If you recall, I made a post about this special dip from Thailand. However the Malay has their own version and it is call Sambal Belacan. I do not have big chili to make sambal belacan here in Pinas, so I got to be contented with Maggi Chili Sauce.

The chicken will taste nicer if you were to use raw turmeric, but since my Tagalog is not that good, I am not going to the palengke ( market ) to search aimlessly for raw turmeric. So this is how you make Fried Chicken marinated with turmeric powder.


  • Half chicken
  • 2 spoonful of turmeric powder
  • salt to taste ( depends on how salty you like your chicken )
  • Cooking oil to deep fry the chicken


  • Marinate the chicken with the turmeric powder and salt
  • Leave it in the fridge over night. If in hurry, can still marinate for at least for an hour or two


  • Heat up cooking oil good for deep fry
  • Fry chicken till golden brown
  • Make sure the heat is big so that the skin will become crunchy and meat is still tender.
  • Ready to serve

Anybody can make this simple dish. Even though it is so simple to make, but I can bet you my last dollar that you will enjoy it. If I can have my sambal belacan and some raw cucumber, it is already a complete meal for me. I always prefer to have a little bit of sauce when I take my meals. This Fried Chicken with turmeric powder however does not go well with Western gravy. The taste just contradict each other. Just imagine having your cabornara with some bagoong. So if you do not have Maggi Chili sauce or sambal belacan, just use some ketchup.

P/S : You can get turmeric powder in Philippines in SM. The brand is McCormick.

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