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June 25, 2010

Filipino will love this dip call Cincaluk

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I think if given a chance, this dip call Cincaluk will definitely be embraced by the Filipino and even include it as part of their diet. Cincaluk is from Malaysia and just like bagoong, it is made from tiny shrimps. Best way to describe cincaluk is fermented shrimps. Main ingredients is basically just a lot of salt with shrimps.

Asian are notoriously known for their love for funky and smelly food. In fact most Western friend of mine like to poke pun at me for loving all this “smelly” food. I normally agree with them that the food is smelly but it really taste so good. But I do however jabbed back at them that most Asian also find their smelly cheese repulsive. At the end of the day, is a matter of opening up your mind and dare to try new things. Is really “sayang” ( miss opportunity ) not be to try new things in life when given the chance. When I was offered balut the first time, I did not even bat an eye and ate it immediately. In fact it was my Filipino friend who got a shock to see my prompt action.

Cincaluk could be use as part of an ingredient for many dishes, but I just like to use it as dip. It goes very well with fried fish, fried egg or grilled pusit ( squid ). Is very easy to prepare, just pour some of cincaluk to a small plate, add some thinly sliced onion, chili and kalamansi ( lime ), it’s good to go. Try it fried bangus and I can guarantee you, despite the funky smell it will be ABSOLUTELY DIVINE.

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