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May 22, 2010

Thailand the land of smile and food

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February 2010 I was in Bangkok visiting my good friend. My friend is from America and has been living in Bangkok for the past 4 years. He is also a great fan of good food and is very open minded for a Caucasian guy. So being the self proclaimed Asian food expert that I am, I took the responsibility of trying to show him the real deal of Thai food. This is not an easy task as he has been living there for 4 years. And he is not the type that only eats Western food 24/7. With him having an ex Thai girlfriend makes my job even harder. ( He is very single now and good looking. Rumors has it that he prefers Pinay. I will post his picture one of these days. So if you are a Filipina reading my blog, please come back often )

We had a good time eating Thai food while I was there. Most of the food that I wanted to intro to him, he already knew. I was surprised that he even LOVE this Thai dish name namprik. Is more of a dip rather than a dish. The Filipino would call it sausauan. The main ingredient of this dip is made of chili, fish sauce, lime and belacan ( something similar to bagoong but smell and taste stronger ). This namprik is good with fried fish, fried omelet and also raw vegetables like long beans, cabbage, cucumber and some funky leaves that I don’t even know it in English.

Is quite odd for Western folks to like namprik as the smell is pungently funky. I am sure you can relate the odd feeling when you see a Puti proclaiming for the love for bagoong. So I decided to bring him to a run down place that I spotted that is near to his condo. Since he has tasted most of the food that I wanted to recommend I assume that he never ate in this run down place before. My guess was spot on and I did not even have to convince him to go as this guy is game for anything when it comes to food.

The secret of finding good food in Thailand is to eat where the locals go. DO NOT go to a 5 star Hotel in Bangkok and eat Thai food. The taste is altered to suit the foreigner’s taste buds and the worst part of it, the PRICE.┬áSo back to this run down place that has many different stalls ( maybe up to 15 ) selling different types of food. You have the choice of noodle dishes ( Thai Nooden as the Thai would pronounced it ) and also rice dishes. They are also vendors selling dessert and fruits. The run down joint has a big common area with tables and chairs and surrounded by stalls. Well, basically it just looked like a food court without air conditioning.

So we walked around and decided to go with rice dishes as Zach spotted namprik. So I took the liberty of ordering for both of us. I ordered a fried catfish, egg omelet, raw vegetables, namprik ( normally this dip comes for free when you order those raw vegetables ). We also order another pork dish that is very spciy. It is minced pork with lots of spices in it and it taste so damn good. If you have been reading up to now, I think is time for me to post some pictures so that you don’t have to kill your brain cells by imagining how the food looks like.

Namprik with fried catfish, egg omelet and variety of fresh vegetables. Namprik is a dip where it goes really well with fried food and raw vegetables.

Spicy mince pork name Kuk King Moo. I’m not sure if the spelling or pronunciation is correct. I am just an expert in eating but not with the names.

I swear to God it was really like a grand feast. We always over did it when it comes to ordering food. By right for that lunch, namprik with raw vegetables and the fried cat fish with rice is good enough. But hey, we are in Bangkok and is such a waste of opportunity with we do not order more. After all we can go to the gym later which most of the time I fail to do. So our lunch cost us around 80 BHT. Is probably 110 Pesos if converted. It was lunch hour for the office people and the run down joint is packed. I can’t help to noticed that all the Thai office worker looks so happy when they are ordering their favorite food. The place does not only cater for office workers but we see also laborers and tuk tuk drivers ( Thai version of trike ). Most of them might not be wealthy but they just look so happy. Maybe this is due to the fact that good food is still very much affordable in Bangkok.

2 responses to “Thailand the land of smile and food”

  1. Zach says:

    Oh my buddha!!! Those thai food pictures making me hungry Alex!! I want some of that namprik kapi, should I go downstairs and get some now? ohhh after 10pm na, gotta wait til tomorrow I guess hehe

  2. Alex says:

    Lucky you man….you can get those cheap and delicious Thai food all the time

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