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May 19, 2010

Recipe for Spicy Malay Fried Rice

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Sometimes when I have a lot of leftover rice from yesterday dinner, I will always cook spicy Malay Fried Rice. Is easy to cook and is really delicious. Most important thing about making Fried Rice, we need to use leftover rice. This is very IMPORTANT. The rice need to be kinda dry and not those newly cook rice with a lot of moist in it.

I made a picture of the ingredients that is needed to make this simple dish.


  • Left over rice from yesterday dinner ( 2 scoops )
  • Anchovies ( Dilis )
  • Egg (1)
  • Chili ( 2 pieces and chopped real fine )
  • Garlic ( 2 cloves and chopped fine )
  • Half red onion ( slice thin )
  • A bit of cabbage ( slice thin )
  • Soya sauce ( one spoon )
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Heat up 5 big spoon of oil in wok
  • Fried the anchovies till crispy ( Make sure fire is not big or else anchovies will get burn easily )
  • Put crispy anchovies a side
  • Scoop up the used oil and leave approximately 3 spoon of oil in the wok
  • Sauteed the garlic, follow by onion and chilli till fragrant
  • Add soya sauce
  • Add cabbage and keep mixing and stirring
  • Add the rice and continue to stir
  • Make sure all the ingredients are mixed well
  • Lower fire and create a space in the middle of the rice till we see the center of the wok
  • Put just a little bit of oil
  • Break the egg and cover it with rice
  • Turn the fire to high and wait for 40 seconds ( depend on how big is your flame )
  • Put salt ( 3 small pinches will do as the anchovies are salty enough )
  • Keep stirring and finally add some pepper and is ready to serve

This dish is commonly known as nasi goreng in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. My mom used to cook this for breakfast for my siblings before we go to school. Serve it with a cup of hot Milo, it can last you till 11am before recess time in school. It is also labeled as poor man’s as anchovies is always synonymous with poor man’s diet. But I think this meal has all the nutrients that you need. You have carbohydrate from rice, protein from anchovies and egg and lastly some vitamins from chili and cabbage. Is economically, tasty and take less than 10 minutes to prepare.

The food became so popular now that every major hotel in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia serve this dish. In hotel they would normally add meat like chicken or beef, sometimes even seafood. If you order it from a 5 star hotel, it would cost you roughly 600 pesos. I never recommend any friends to eat nasi goreng in the hotel. It is meant to cater to Puti who is afraid to eat on the road side stalls. If you get the chance to visit Singapore, ordering this dish from the road side stall would cost you only 60 pesos. And the taste would be 100 times better and more authentic.

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