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May 17, 2010

My very first post

Filed under: Food — Alex @ 12:23 pm

I just finished posting in the ABOUT page and now attempting to make my first post in the main page. Just set up this blog 2 hours ago and I am very excited to be making many good posts. I am currently in the Philippines and the weather is really hot. I guess my electric bill will shoot to the roof. I try my best not to use as much AC as possible but the heat is really unbearable.

I just cooked some spicy fried bee hoon with some dried shrimp, beef, cabbage and egg. It taste pretty all right and I just used whatever ingredients that is available in my fridge. I am quite happy with the result as I seldom make this dish. For my second post I will provide the recipe for the dish and step by step guide on how to make spicy fried bee hoon. My digital cam ran out of battery but luckily my cell phone has a camera and I managed to take a picture of my dish.

So stay tune for my spicy fried bee hoon recipe and I can assure you it is very simple to cook.

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