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May 25, 2010

Idea to improve economy of Philippines

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I have always been a guy with crazy ideas. Most of the time the idea seems so far fetched that I always get brushed off by my family and friends. I have to admit that most of the time, my ideas are based on the big pictures but I have no clue about the processes of implementing it and also the problems that I might encounter. I have always defended myself by saying, if I do not give it a try, how else would I get to learn and experience it myself.

Because this characteristic of mine, being a dreamer and sort of like a dare devil to try new ventures has landed me in some uncomfortable situations. Is not all the time what I planned and set out to do will become successful. Even when the project failed, I still believe the idea is a good one but lack of knowledge and support ( mostly monetary ) is the main issue why most of the project did not turn up well.

Does all this failures or mini failures deter me from coming out with crazy ideas? I can assure you that all this setbacks will not slow me down but will make me wiser and stronger. I have come to accept that I cannot use various reasons to put the blame on why the project failed. Fail means fail, simple as that. Lacked of funds and knowledge cannot be used as a reason. I shouldn’t have start the project in the first place based on gut feelings alone. Lack of knowledge and funds shouldn’t be a problem if I did my research and homework well. I still have crazy ideas running in my head all the time everyday. Whenever I travel and observe new things, I sense new opportunities. So this time around, armed with experienced of various failed projects and wisdom acquired by being older, I think I am ready to take on more challenges to make something that is significant to other people’s life.

I have this grand plan ( I always call it grand plan when it is in the idea stage…lol ) about creating job opportunities in the Philippines for the poor. Whether it will work out as plan, I sincerely do not know. But what I do know is, I would study and do my homework more thoroughly this time around and hopefully  it will not fail if the idea were to be executed. I’m sure this would strike many as odd and why would a Singaporean dude wants to do something to help the poor in the Philippines. Is he that nice of a guy almost saintly, or is there a hidden agenda where he wants to profit something out of this.

Well, I can answer all the question right here in this post. I am no saint nor the devil himself but just a decent human being who is also a businessman, I would like to make profit out of the project and at the same time helping people to prosper and improve their quality of life. The business model is based on profit sharing and not by hiring the poor Pinoy or Pinay by  offering a job that is paid the below minimum wage. This is a practice that is rampant in the country and I  strongly opposed to it myself. But the number ONE reason that I need to do this is because I need to prove to my fellow barkadas that my idea will work and I am just not all talk but will do the walk. I will try to prove that I am not one of those guys who always talked about grand plans while having drinking sessions but never took any actions. Maybe if this project fail this time around, I will just blame it on the 6 bottles of San Miguel Lights that I had during one of my drinking session with my Filipino friends. I sincerely hope I do not have to resort to that…hahahaha


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