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May 22, 2010

Fried Bangus with curry powder

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For dinner yesterday I just made a simple dish of fried bangus marinated with Indian curry powder. I brought the curry powder from Singapore as is quite hard to find good curry powder in Pinas. When I do my groceries shopping in SM, I can only see one particular brand which is McCormick. I am just not a big fan of that brand and I prefer the brand Baba’s.

The curry powder from Baba’s normally consists of 2 types. One for meat and another for fish and seafood. So obviously I will have to use the curry powder for fish to marinate the bangus. I bought boneless bangus that is not marinated with vinegar and garlic which is the favorite choice in the Philippines. This to ensure that the flavors do not clash when I marinate the fish with curry powder. You don’t need special cooking skills to make this dish as the taste lies on the powerful taste of Baba’s curry powder.

I just marinate the bangus with some salt, turmeric powder, chili powder and Baba’s curry powder. Just leave it for 30 minutes and let the fish blends well with all the ingredients. Heat up the wok with oil and just fry the fish till is crispy.

You can see Baba’s curry powder at the background and the marinated bangus.

The end result of the fried bangus with Baba’s curry powder.

I know that most of you would probably think that why aren’t the pictures are not taken professionally. I purposely made the pictures to appear amateurish so that it will look really authentic and 100% taken by me and not by hijacking other professional looking pictures from other people’s site or blog. Nah, I am just giving an excuse…the truth is, my photography skill sucks. But I can assure you that the food definitely taste better than how it looks. My photography skill is not doing my dishes any justice. Bear with me till I improve with my photography skills. I hope to make those pictures so good that you can almost smell and taste the dishes.

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