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May 23, 2010

Anybody likes Maggi Chili Sauce in Pinas?

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I grew up eating almost all my fried food accompanied by Maggi Chili Sauce. Most country in South East Asia loves spicy food. Parents normally introduce spicy food to their kids by using Maggi Chili Sauce. They would normally let their kids eat it with fried chicken, french fries, keropok ( fish crackers ) and almost all the fried food. It is not really hot at all if you ask all the spicy food lovers. It is actually quite sweet and just has a bit of tangy and very mild spiciness in it.

My kid brother once when to Australia for a golf camp. Most of the participants are Japanese and Korean. My brother brought along one bottle of Maggi Chili Sauce and shared it with his new found buddies. During breakfast it is best to eat your bacon and eggs with Maggi Chili Sauce. The Japanese and Korean loved it so much that they wanted to eat every damn food with it. It is only bagay with fried food and is not a norm to eat it with soup or something.

When I arrived in the Philippines, I was trying to look for Maggi Chili Sauce and didn’t find it. After a year, I finally saw SM selling them and was so damn happy. I think not all SM are selling this brand but I would say most of the SM has it. I am always curious to know who are the people who buying Maggi Chili Sauce. I wanted to make myself the self appointed spoke person for this chili sauce and recommend to everyone in the Philippines. Try eating it with your french fries the next time and let me know what you think. KFC also goes along very well with it.

I think Maggi Chili Sauce is good for entry level when it comes to trying to tackle spicy food. Once you find that Maggi Chili Sauce is no longer spicy, then it is time to tackle on some other spicy dishes. You will missed out on a lot of good dishes in the world. Everybody knows that Indian and Thai food is spicy and very popular in the world. So if you cannot handle spicy food, you will missed out on this delicious dishes from these two countries. People use to go to war back in the days just to control the spices. I think that’s an indication on how important spices are.

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